Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is the house directly across the street from Le Clos Hamon, and what I saw from my window.
My room is the upper left hand window. 
November 16 2008
  Les and I arose to a massive breakfast prepared by Mdme. Lemoine. I don't know if I was to supposed to eat a bit of everything, but I did including the tapioca pudding,bread and jam, crepes the size of plates, and heart shaped brownies. Through a combination of pantomime, signing, shouting, and pointing at photographs we managed to convey to each other the amount of grandkids we had as well as their professions. I have also learned a couple of French words, but the biggest thing I have  learned is to take a portable translator with me the next time I come. Very few French people, at least the ones we have contact with in this area of France, speak or even attempt to speak English.

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Chris said...

Greetings S. Burrito!

This is the Chris who works with Ariel & Jesse. Ariel sent me a link to your blog and I‘ve been enjoying your posts very much.

What a wonderful and inspiring journey you’ve embarked upon! I really envy your time in Normandy. I’ve never been there but have long wanted to visit many of the same spots.

I’ve only traveled in France a little, and in more heavily-touristed areas. I had good luck trying to hurdle the language barrier whenever I opened with:

“Excuse-moi. Non parle français. Parlez-vous anglais s'il vous plaît?”

After which most people would speak some English…more or less.

My second most helpful phrase may or may not be of use, it was

“Je voudrais une bouteille de vin rouge.” --- I would like a bottle of red wine.

Best wishes on your journey in honor of L/Cpl Waddington. Good luck on the trail.

PS – Maybe I envy you Mdme. Lemoine’s breakfast as well.